IRIS Corporation

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God help me, I put aside a whole afonreton to figure this out.


u r great!!! im a fan from iran!!!!!!!!rn


!!Muy buen grupo!!!rnMusica avanzada.


very good !Merci à vous!


Highest Love is amazing !!!!!!!!rnrnIm deeply impressed !!!!rnrn- TheKaliver -

I´m a fan !!!


oh you have an amazing voice and I love the guitar playing.. I have a 12 string giannini and I wish to learn your music. Much luck


I like this alluring song. My fav type of music makes me want to belly dance seductively or fly


A New Saint Session Cover - gud job - yeah !!!


Très chouette ce nouveau site ! Et très complet ! Dans l\'esprit des sites ricains je trouve.


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A New Saint Session

Featured Video



Photograph for the shop of Iris Corporation


Akademia Music Award - Highest Love Best Rock Song


Hello friends and fans,
After its nomination last monday to the Akademia Music Award (USA), our song Highest Love just win the prize as the Best Rock Song this december 2015 ! Every winner will be actively promoted in a robust marketing campaign that reaches millions of listeners and may include national airplay ! The Akademia ...

Highest Love : Brazilian Video Clip / Video Clip Brésilien



Dayse Borges, brazilian dancer and actress, just released a video clip on our single "Highest Love". Watch and Share...

Dayse Borges, danseuse et actrice br ...

Nouvel Article Sur "Le Tarn Libre" / New Article on "Le Tarn Libre"


IRIS Corporation, un groupe qui monte !


IRIS Corporation on/sur KRC College Radio - Rick Keyes Show - San Diego / California


IRIS Corporation will be played on Rick Keyes Show -  KRC College Radio, San Diego / California - this wednesday 15th august between 3 and 5pm / p ...

New Review on Examiner / Nouvel Article sur Examiner (USA)



Link/Lien :


Drinking in 'Iris Corporation' :

This band exudes a type of exuberant energy elixir that spans the entire emotional spectrum of melodic flavors. Within their late ...

John "JP" LIVE on Annie Armen Radio Show


John has been interviewed yesterday by Annie "Hurricane" Armen on her Radio Show on Voice America. To listen and download this very special moment, just go to the link above.

John a été inter ...

Featured Band of the month on... / Groupe du mois sur... Geeky Pleasures (Canada)



Link / Lien :

It is with my huge pleasure that IRIS Corporation is the first Featured Independent Band for 2011.

I became aware of this fantabulous band when they sent me a friend request on YouTube. I was immediately impressed by their sound. It is a very w ...

A New Saint Session on the BBC


"A New Saint Session" - title track of our last album - has been broadcasted on BBC Introducing today.

"A New Saint Session" - titre éponyme de notre dernier album - à été diffusé sur BBC Introducing aujourd'hui.


A New Saint Session - Review on Le Telegramme de Brest


IRIS Corporation is a rock band from Albi. The name is made up of John's ("JP") surname "IRIS", who formed the band with Thibaut Gluchowski and Will De La Perez. "Corporation" represents all the guest musicians on this first album, where the trio call on Michel Geiss, Sound Engineer, a colleague of Jean-Michel Jarre, who has worked with Jonasz, Trust ...

John - Interview on Up Radio


1) You, in a few words
Very simply : Trio, Rock, Orient, Electric, Acoustic, World Music, Body, Mind, Soul.
2) The colour of your sound
Our artistic progression is clearly Rock orientated but a Rock tinged with World Music. We define our style as "World Rock". Oriental tones have becoming a base of our compositions. Ambiances they convey are ...